The Fun-Tastic Gang

Children“Welcome to the gang!” everyone greeted. “Oh, thanks everyone, but, I don’t understand. Why did you choose me?” asked Rena. Lennox answered, “Well it’s like a test. Any kid who comes new into this village and says hi to us, then the next day we make that kid a part of this gang-” “But,” interrupted Rena, playing with her hair, “actually, my Mom told me to say hi to those kids standing there and so I said hi” “Hmm. Well, who cares? We have another rule that when we take someone we can’t kick that person out. EVER!” explained Berrane.

“Oh, and I’m Berrane, the founder of this gang”

“And I’m Lennox”

“I’m Zian”

“I’m Shendi”

            One by one told their names, but Rena felt quite shy.

“Right now we’re going to my house to see my family. Do you have any sisters or brothers?” asked Berrane. “No” responded Rena.

            As they went to his house, he introduced, “This is my little sister, Ringa”

            She had long hair which was tied into two pigtails. “Ringa very good” she said. “My family isn’t much fluent in English” he explained, “then here is the most smallest member of the family, my little brother Birrane” He kind of walked like a pirate. “Ye wanna be nice with me” reckoned Birrane “Okay, I’ll always be nice with you. Hehe” vowed Lennox. “Well that’s it for now. Remember, we shall all go that big field over there at 2 am. Got it?” reminded Berrane. “Yes sir!” everyone agreed. But deep inside, Berrane felt embarrassed because of his family.


            2 am. Everyone was there in the field, surrounded by a galaxy of stars. “Wow! It’s so beautiful” praised Zian, lost in the world of stars. Yes, of course it was extraordinary, but Shendi disapproved of that. “Yes it’s beautifull, but there’s no such thing special in stars.” complained Shendi, in a British accent. Zian, who snapped out of the world of stars, thought, “His name’s like he’s from China, but his accent tells us that he’s from England. I don’t understand.” The others ignored him.

            “It’s so beautiful,” thought Rena “how I wish I could stay in this village forever but I can’t and I also haven’t told them yet.” Indeed, the night sky looked beautiful. It was surrounded by a galaxy of stars, sparkling so much that it looked like it could be described as “sparkling like the sun”


            “Why are people talking so much?” asked Rena, to herself, as she had a noisy awakening. She went outside and saw a fabulous sight. Everyone in the village was standing in one place talking to each other.


“Yes it’s her”

“Are you sure?”

“Hey, I also heard”

“She’s coming today”

“To meet her cousins”

“Whom she hates”

            Rena was mind got jumbled.

            Everyone, the members of the gang, went to their usual meeting place, a place with many trees. Not a forest, mind you.

            “What’s going on?” asked Lennox. “I asked my Mom,” responded Berrane “and she said that there is a family living here, a father, mother and child, the mother has a sister, whom she loves very much. They are very rich. There is a father, mother- the sister, and a daughter in the family. The father and his daughter are very greedy. They don’t listen to the mother of giving money to her sister. Today, they are coming to meet them. But, no-one knows why”

            Three hours later, an expensive car had arrived. The driver first opened the door of the front seat. A small girl with long black, wavy, hair came. She started walking, with right hand styled in such a way that when you’d see it, you’d say, “Style” in a way that you’d feel jealous and disgusted. She had her right hand, up to her elbow, attached to herself and the wrist(not actually wrist, the part just below the wrist and above the elbow, don’t know what it’s called)was a little pushed from there. Her fingers, the thumb and index together, were making a circle type of thing. And the way she walked, left leg into the right side, right leg into the left side, wearing shoes with heels. Then, when she started walking towards them she commanded, “Move away, garbage-s” Everyone moved, but Berrane stood up for his gang. “You call us garbage!?” She twirled, as if her hair was playing with the air, and snapped, tossing her hair, “Excuse me?” then she put her right hand down, and, took her left hand up and did that ‘thing’. “Oh, I think you have a little memory loss. So in case you forgot, you just called us garbage. Remember(he didn’t even let her answer)? I don’t think you do. Well, if you call us garbage, then what is this?” he took a trash can in front of her. “Ew!!!! Remember, one day I will hand you over to the police!!!!” she threatened them and went away.

            “Why did you do that?” asked Rena. “TO SHOW YOU PEOPLE HOW TO STAND UP FOR YOURSELVES!!!!!!” responded Berrane, angrily.


            After a few weeks, Rena came to the gang. She faced down, for some reason she looked sad. Well, we’ll found out now why. “Umm, guys?” she wanted their attention. “Yeah, what’s up?” asked Lennox. “Sorry, but, I haven’t told you this. I wasn’t going to stay here permanently. And I didn’t know something too: My family and I will go now.” She responded. Everyone looked shocked. Suddenly her parents came to take her. She quickly explained, “Because, I don’t know why, they think that this village is unsafe.” She ran to her parents. After a few minutes of total confusing, time-to-think silence, the asked each other “Why?” Zian, without thinking, said, “Maybe because of the kidnapping situation which a happened a month ago.” Everyone looked at each other, then at Zian and everyone(not together) said, “Yeah”, “Could be” and all.


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