The Changes

*This is a play.

Scene 1. A poor and lousy comedy center in America. Enter Richard, Jones, Meria and audience.

RICHARD     Hey there! You guys know a small country named Bangladesh?

JONES    Oh, Richard! How will they know about that country! It’s so small and lousy.

AUDIENCE     Ha-ha-ha!

RICHARD     All their food is unhealthy and they’re so poor!

LUBABA    Hey! Be quiet! How can you all laugh at that? It’s an insult not a joke! Bangladesh is such a beautiful country. I’m proud to be a Bangladeshi. Did you know? Ancient Bengal is the only nation which Alexander couldn’t rule. Bangladesh is one of the oldest countries…….

JONES     Hey! You’re one of the audiences! So be quiet!

RICHARD     Hey! That information is a 100 years old. I’ll say, Bangladesh hasn’t changed at all since the last 20 years.

LUBABA     Oh yeah! Do you people know what a rickshaw is?


LUBABA     You’re so dumb! It is a handmade vehicle rode by legs. But now, it has become a motor rickshaw and…..

RICHARD     Yeah,yeah. Whatever. Tell all about it next Sunday.

JONES     Well, good day for today folks. Bye!


Scene 2. A normal footpath. Enter Meria, George and everyday normal people.

LUBABA     Hey! You there! Why are you reading books on the footpath? Someone might push you and your precious book might fall.

GEORGE    Oh. Excuse me. But I just love reading about Bangladesh.

LUBABA     Are you a Bangladeshi?

GEORGE     No.

LUBABA    Then why do you love Bangladesh? I thought everyone from other countries hate Bangladesh.

GEORGE      Well, they do. But, once when I went to Bangladesh, I just fell in love with its natural habitat. Are you a Bangladeshi?

LUBABA     Yes

GEORGE        Then why did you leave your country?

LUBABA      Long story. I am actually a doctor in this country because I need money for my family. Right now, I’m on vacation. Whatever! Do you know anything about the comedy center ‘Small, But Good!’

GEORGE     Yes.

LUBABA     I went there yesterday and saw that they were insulting Bangladesh.

GEORGE     Oh no!

LUBABA     I know! I have to tell a speech tomorrow about the changes of Bangladesh in the last 20 years to prove that Bangladesh is not worthless.

GEORGE       Don’t worry! I’ll go and tell all about it to them tomorrow myself. What time?

LUBABA     3 o’ clock. PM! Remember, P-M. PM!!!!

ORDINARY PEOPLE     Hey, move! People can’t walk!

LUBABA     Oh. Sorry.

GEORGE     Hey! What’s your name? Mine’s George.

LUBABA     Mine’s Lubaba.


Scene 3. ‘Small, But Good!’ Comedy center. Enter Richard, Meria, George, Matt and audience.

MATT     Hey there folks!

RICHARD     Alright. The girl who fought about Bangladesh with us, please come on the stage.

MATT      Oh yeah folks! Remember, I’m the substitute for Jones.

RICHARD     Please tell your speech, girl! What’s your name?

LUBABA     Lubaba.

RICHARD     Alright, Lubaba. Please tell us your speech about the changes of Bangladesh since the last 20 years.

LUBABA      Ahem. Ummm… I don’t know what to say. Alright! I would like to call my friend, George on the stage as my substitute. Put your hands together for George!

AUDIENCE        Yay! Hurray!

MATT     Hey! That’s cheating!

RICHARD     Shhhhhh. Be quiet.

GEORGE     Ahem. Alright. Listen closely everyone. Just some days ago in Bangladesh , we  had a vehicle called ‘rickshaw’ and we still have, but different. It was handmade and rode bye legs, like a bicycle, except that it had 3 wheels and the ‘driver’ of that vehicle had to carry passengers at the back. But now, it has become a motor rickshaw. Also, before, we didn’t have mobiles. Only land phones. So we couldn’t talk to anyone outside. But now, we even have iphone. We also didn’t have internet so we couldn’t connect with the world, but now we do. Our schools were normal, but just some days ago, schools started generating digi-boards. We also didn’t have the game ‘cricket’ before, but now we do and our great player Shakib-Al-Hasan is now a world famous all-rounder! Just some days ago, Jamuna Bridge was made and after some days, Jamuna Future Park, which is in the 12th of the world, is also going to be built. Not many changes, but Bangladesh is one of the most natural countries ever!

RICHARD     Well, now we know a lot about Bangladesh. Now we also respect it. So, everyone thank Leorge and Lubaba.

GEORGE     It’s George.

RICHARD    Whatever.

AUDIENCE     Yay! Woohoo! Thanks a lot!

MATT     Well, we lost all our time but don’t  worry. We shall have a 2-hour special tomorrow. So bye-bye folks!

[Exit Matt and audience]

RICHARD      I really appreciate you guys for telling us this speech. I, Richard, shall hereby say that Bangladesh is really great. Thank you for making me realize that. Oh yeah, and sorry for calling you Leorge instead of George. And also for ignoring that fact of changing your name.

GEORGE      Well, that’s better.

[Exit Richard]

LUBABA     Thanks a lot.

GEORGE      You’re welcome. Well, bye. See you some other time!

LUBABA      Bye.


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