The Mystery of the Glass Egg

Once there was a girl named Katherine. She is cheerful girl who lives with her mother. They live in a big house. Her mother is a famous doctor and she wishes her daughter to become a pilot by next year. You see, they both study a lot and never take advantage of their money. The only time when they do not study is on Christmas Eve. They always hold a party in that day. Katherine’s father died because of cancer.

Today, the day before Christmas, Katherine went to her garden to see where she could plant her next trees. While looking, she suddenly saw an enormous egg. It had 2 pictures on it. There was 1 picture up and 1 picture down. The pictures were so beautiful! It didn’t look like some ordinary Easter Sunday painting on an egg. It was 2 angels. When she grasped it, it didn’t feel like any ordinary egg. She felt as if it was made out of glass. It was very heavy.

She took it to her house and took a hammer to break it. She hit the top part and found a little baby the size of a palm. 1 angel was left with the broken part. The eyes of the baby were closed. It already had its clothes on along with an Easter Bunny Cap on its head, a scarf around its neck and a sweater. It was late and so Katherine went to sleep.

The next day, in the party, suddenly the baby put its hands in the glassy-egg and hit it with its fingers and the sound turned into the Beethoven song, Fur Elise. Everyone looked at it with amazement. It was moving slightly with its eyes shut. After everyone left, the baby was still hitting the glassy-egg. Katherine then named it Christiana because she (now she thinks of the baby as a girl) did Fur Elise for the first time and that also in Christmas Eve.

For many days they kept Christiana here but still she didn’t open her eyes. She also didn’t get bigger. And whenever they try to get her out, she doesn’t get out and after 2 minutes something bad happens to them. Something changed about Canada. There were many weapons with them for security but after finding Christiana, it seemed that the whole country found peace. The whole broke down their weapons for they thought that there no war ever again in the world. They even swore to never use a nuclear bomb ever again!

In the second of February, Katherine woke up and saw an empty half-piece of the glassy-egg. And the picture of the angel was also gone. They looked for her everywhere but couldn’t find her. It became night and they had to go to sleep. They were very sad because they couldn’t find Christiana and that they couldn’t study the whole day.

The next day when they went in front of the television, they found out the news of that a big army of England invaded the north-side U.S.A and is now coming to Canada. They got frightened. But there was also news that many ships have arrived at the south-side U.S.A to take people to a safe place for free of cost and that the England army will only invade North America and South America. The best part is that they don’t even about the ships! Katherine and her mother were packing their stuff for the journey.

Just after like 1 hour, the England army arrived Canada. Katherine and her mother ran for south-side U.S.A. While they were running, they completely forgot about Christiana and they didn’t care about anything, they were just running. When they reached the ships (like in 6 or more hours) Katherine noticed that her mother wasn’t with her. (They didn’t get tired because they were determined) She understood that her mother was caught by the England army!  And she didn’t even know it!

Whatever, she still went aboard the ship and reached Australia (she was in the ship for quite maybe months). She started living in a hotel.

After some days, she remembered about Christiana and went to Church. She told the story about Christiana to one of the priests and he replied, “The reason which I am thinking right now might be the reason which all priests might think but no one will be sure. I think that the egg existed for the peace of everyone for it had 2 angels of happiness. But when you broke the top part, 1 angel wanted to take revenge. On the other hand, the other angel, without the broken angel, tried to bring peace to at least 1 country by bringing a baby and making it do it’s ‘bring peace to everyone’ song. The other angel was poisoning the England army’s mind to destroy North and South America. And when preparations were done the angels went back to Heaven with no baby inside the glassy-egg. I do not know why they attacked North and South America instead of only you”

In the end if you ask me “Did Katherine ever become a pilot?” then I’ll reply, “Yes, she did”


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