Rithel’s Diary

First time using you Diary. Read this poem now.

“The scary wind blows

The green light glows

From the pumpkin

Which is nearby

Is it Halloween

Or is it The Dead Queen?

Are you in the scary night?”

Wah!! I just woke up by being scared. All because of the witch’s poem.

30th October

9 pm

Dear diary,

Why have I been hearing these strange poems? I don’t understand. It has been happening for the last few days. A scary witch appears in my beautiful dreams and start telling scary poems. It is always different. But the last line is quite same. Which is- “Are you in the dead night?” or sometimes “Are you in the scary night?” But what if I don’t wake up? Will I be able to hear the whole poem? I wonder……

Today is Friday, my favorite day. Why? Because there is no school today. I am in high school. My name is Rithel. I know you might be thinking of asking me that why only today is my favorite day, not also Saturday. Well , I don’t have school in Saturday but my parents have admitted me in a math school, which I totally hate. They say that I am really bad in math.

Let’s stop talking about me now. Tomorrow is Halloween, or maybe the Dead Queen. Haha. Say, what is The Dead Queen? The truth is tomorrow is Halloween.

31st October

2 pm

Dear diary,

Today is Halloween. Yay!!! Why am I happy? Because the teachers of my math school thinks that children should celebrate it. And so………..School is closed today. Yippeeeeeeee!!!!!!

But I’m not a child anymore. I don’t celebrate Halloween anymore.

But the strange thing about today is that I didn’t hear any strange poems. Too bad. I had gotten used to it.

I wonder, is anything going to happen today. But there’s one thing I’m sure of doing. And that is, sleeping. Well good night in the morning. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

1st November

11 pm

Dear diary,

I cannot believe what happened yesterday. Well, I didn’t see it with my own eyes but it was written in the newspaper. It was written that five children died in front of Mrs. Andrew’s house. They were killed by dogs. 2 grown-ups were killed on the road by wolves. Ten went to a house to get chocolate, but after they got it suddenly 2 of them died. They all ran as fast as they could, but then four of them died. Leaving four more behind, three of them died and one was secured in his home. He was then interviewed. He said that two ghosts had come after them. One killed many children with its knife and the other killed ate them.

Well, I don’t care about them so much since I don’t know them of course. I‘m going to watch a horror movie now.

2nd November

5 pm

Dear diary,

You cannot believe what happened to me. Well, but you have to since you are my diary. I had a test today. I knew about it and so I studied but because of the movie I totally forgot about everything that I studied about. THE MOVIE WAS SO SCARY!!! I hope you understand about how I felt. I also couldn’t sleep. And so when I went to school I fell asleep and got a doughnut. I think you’re not understanding everything clearly enough. By doughnut I mean a 0 which I got in my test.

Then when I was going to school, I saw that a house had caught fire. I panicked a lot. But there was nothing else to do, because I left my mobile at home. Then my friend, Ayesha spot me and the house. So she called the fire truck and everyone was saved. Oh, thank god.

9 pm

Dear diary,

How would you feel if someone invites you to go with him or her to a haunted house? Would you accept the invitation? Will you be able to go there in fear even after accepting? Well, someone invited me to go with her to a haunted house near our school. I felt really excited and so I accepted the invitation. I’m not afraid, remember that. Oh yeah, I guess you would want to know who that someone is. Ladies and gentlemen, (oops, it should be diary) the phrase you’ve all (should have been only “the phrase you were” for my diary) been waiting for, that someone is *drum beating* Ayesha!

3rd November

11 pm

Dear diary,

This world is a cruel place. I don’t have much time left, just like the animals which are in danger of extinction.

Today, when I went to the haunted house with Ayesha after school, we went inside and then suddenly, the door slammed. It was jammed. We weren’t able to open it. We got scared. Then, we saw a flying black cloth in front of us. We ran in fear. There were stairs in 2 sides. One in the left and the other in the right. I went to the left while Ayesha went to the right. I don’t know what happened to Ayesha but I do know what happened to me, of course.

I went into a room, there was a board. The room looked like a children’s classroom. On the board, it was written a timeline about me with blood. It was written “Rithel’s first day to school, Rithel makes a new friend, Rithel meets her new cousin etc.” but at the end it was written, (After “Rithel goes to a carnival”) “Rithel’s death”.

I got really frightened. Then I could hear people saying, (I’m not sure they said this exactly) “Rithel, accept the fact that you are going to die soon. It’s written in your destiny. If you don’t accept the fact then you’re going to hurt others.”

Then I ran downstairs and met Ayesha. Both of us quickly ran out of the house. The wasn’t jammed for some reason.

But of course I won’t say that I believe the fact that I’m going to die soon because I know that it was a prank of some of my friends. It was obvious. But whenever I ask them they say that they don’t know anything. Hmm! Liars! I wasn’t scared at all. The journey was so exciting.  I’m sorry that I was telling everything to you in a vice which sounds like I’m very sad.

I think that you forgot about the witch’s poem. I heard the full poem today. It is:

“The scary wind blows

The green light glows

From the pumpkin

Which is nearby

Is it Halloween

Or is it The Dead Queen?

Are you in the scary night?

Within the Dead Queen

Lies a friend

Who is a twin

But can never know

Who is hunted

But still survives

The Carnival Night

In the Greed of helping

A friend

The friend is making

The twin dead

Please save everyone

The Night is near

Get into your gear

And go to hell”

I don’t know what it means but I think the scary witch won’t interfere in my beautiful dreams.

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that Ayesha told me to the carnival tomorrow with her. Many other friends are coming as well. Good Night.

4th November

(3rd November Talk)

Dear Rithel’s Diary,

My name is Ayesha. I am Rithel’s best friend. I shall now tell you about what happened to in the haunted house.

In the haunted house, when I ran to the staircase in the right, I went to a room. The room was covered with pictures of me and my family. But there was one picture in which me and Rithel were having tea with a queen, but it never happened. The next picture showed that the queen is dead. Suddenly, I saw a royal chair in front of me. Blood was falling on it. (FROM WHERE?!) Then at the end of the room there was casement. I opened it and saw that the sky was black, but it was evening. I became scared and ran down. Then I met Rithel.

4th November

Dear Rithel’s Diary,

Again, I, Ayesha will this time tell about the carnival.

We all, ten friends gathered and went to the carnival. We were having lots of fun until suddenly a man came begging for money. We ignored him. Then one of our friends disappeared. For no reason the guard threw us out. Then suddenly 2 of them died in an accident. The same beggar came again. But we ignored him again since we were very sad. Then we saw 3 wolves behind us. They were coming closer and closer. Then we started running away. Then 2 of them fell down and were eaten by the wolves. That gave us much more time to escape. In front of us was a river. We swam across, but 1 of our friends didn’t know how to swim. And so, she drowned. We found a taxi in front of us. We got inside and were going home. Suddenly, a lot of blood started coming from Rithel and she died. I was the last survivor.

Maybe, I should’ve just revealed to her in the end that I am the cause of all this like all the movies. Oh now you now my secret. But don’t tell it to anyone. I won’t tell you how I did it. Shhhhhhhh.


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