My Birth

My birth had taken place in Bangladesh. It was a strange day. In October 22, the country was filled with water. Whenever we look out, we only see that it’s raining. People couldn’t even use cars. And if the rain had stopped for some time, then the people would use boats for transportation. Even on the roads! This kept on happening for the past few days.

I was in my mother’s tummy by then. My sister, brother and father were curious to find out I’m a girl or a boy.

Of course, schools and offices were open that time. You might be asking that why it is open in such rainy days. Well, because many people would come at the night to drain the water. So in the morning the water is already drained. And people go to schools and offices in the morning. But they have to go very early because it would rain after some time again.

The next day, when my brother, sister and father went away, my mother started to feel a little pain. After some more time, my mother couldn’t endure the pain anymore. It was paining so much. It was obvious that it was time for me to come out.

This day was the worst of all. The country was already filled with water. It was raining heavily. There were thunders as well.

My maid quickly called my father and told him about my mother. My father quickly left work. He had no choice but to go on a boat. It was already becoming evening. My mother couldn’t bear it anymore. I don’t know how but she was able to tolerate it. Suddenly the rain stopped. My father came home. But they didn’t know how they could reach the hospital. At the nick of time, the water drained very quickly. It was like Allah was showing mercy on her. They went with car and so they quickly reached Specialist Hospital. They went inside and my mother was taken to a room. After some time my mother came to my father and showed him to me. I was a girl! Well of course I know that I’m a girl but it was surprising to my mother and father then.

I was born in October 23, 2001.


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