Mystery Or Imagination

I always see many dreams. I have many imaginations. I always wished for one of them to come true. Whenever I dreamt of something amazing, I went to the wishing well and made a wish for it to come true, but it never really did come true.

One day, my big brother came back from Canada. We played a lot. But the day before it was time for him to go back, I asked,

“Big brother, why doesn’t our wish come true when we grant it to a wishing well?”

“I do not believe that our wishes will come true like that. You should wish it by your heart to Allah” replied my big brother.

I thought that if I dream of something amazing tonight it might come true.

When I woke up in the morning I got very scared.

In my dream, I was suddenly lost in a forest. I kept on walking to find my way back but after 4 hour I totally lost hope. I sat on a log hoping for someone to come and save me. But then, A TIGER CAME!!!!!! And I woke up.

I was afraid that this dream might come true……………………………Or maybe not.

Before going to the airport, I and my family went my aunt’s house. I went to see her garden. I saw many butterflies and flowers. Then I saw a rabbit hole. I looked at it and suddenly 2 rabbits came out. I followed them and found myself in my aunt’s neighbor’s garden. I was scared. I didn’t understand how I got here but what I knew was that this place looked awkward.

The flowers were bigger than me. The butterflies were as big as the flowers. One butterfly came and lied down on the ground. It seemed as if it started to rest for some time. I sat on it. And suddenly it started flying. It kept me on a flower. When I sat on the flower, I with courage tried to stand up. I was successful. From here, it seemed as if I could see the entire city. It was great view. But, I lost my balance and fell down.

I went down a hole. I thought as if I will die. Then I fell on a bed made with flowers, normal flowers but, stronger. I was relived. There were many small butterflies. I walked to see what else was there. And then, I saw pictures of myself and my brother together. I became sad that today is the day that he’ll go away.But no matter what I wanted to go to my aunt’s house again. But then, the small butterflies (all together) took me up. I saw many cute animals instead of flowers and butterflies.

It seemed as if they loved me and wanted to play with me. Well yes, I did play with them. I became very sad. I couldn’t even tell my brother good-bye. It became evening. I was fast asleep.

When I woke up I found myself in my aunt’s garden. It was morning. I became very happy. Then I and my family went to the airport to tell my brother good-bye.

I realized that the impossible things which happened today were my imagination. When I fell asleep in the night I saw someone whom I don’t know in my dream. He said, “They were all real”.


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