A Fairy Tale

Once there was a little girl by the name of Mirsa who used to live with her father by a small brook. She loved to feed small birds. One day a shiny golden coloured bird came by the window. Upon seeing the beautiful bird, Mirsa ran down to the kitchen and brought some seeds for the bird. When she gave the seeds to the bird, it started talking like a human. The bird said, “I am not a bird but a fairy and my name is Riana”. Mirsa was surprised however she liked the fairy very much and became good friends.

Riana was a future fairy. This means she could predict the future. “There will be a devastating earthquake soon” she said. “First there will be a couple of small earthquakes and then the VERY BIG one. It may destroy many countries”.

The news made Mirsa very upset. Noticing that, Riana said, “We have the power to stop it but we cannot use it without the help of a human. There must be a human being who can utilize this power to stop the earthquake. But after using it the person will die.” Mirsa said “I will do that”. Riana warned “I can let you do that but I don’t want to lose my best friend”. Then she flew away and didn’t come back for months.

One fine morning suddenly there was an earthquake. Then another one, then another one and another………it seemed like what the future fairy said started right now and Mirsa instantly knew what is going to happen. She became frightened and started to cry. She kept on calling her future fairy friend. Finally the future fairy appeared. Mirsa begged to her to give her the special power to stop the earthquake. She said, “If you give the power I may die but if you don’t give me the power all the people will die including me. So you tell me which one you want.” The future fairy understood Mirsa’s logic and gave her the power. The future fairy gave her a golden colour suite to wear so that she could get into the core through the Earth’s surface to stop the earthquake.

Suddenly the earthquake stopped and Mirsa was never to be seen again.


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